Buttervilla Growers 2014

Robert Hocking
Robert with his beloved heritage tomatoes

John & Ron Luke
John & Ron Luke in one of their tunnels

Harry Hocking
Harry labouring in the field

Robert with the apprentices from Fifteen on heir annual sourcing visit

Proud Robert with his award from Jamie for 7 years of working with Jamies restaurant and apprentices

A wonderful display of summer fruit grown by John & Ron

Heritage Italian Tree tomatoes on the vine

The most delicious cherry tomatoes ripening

Mara des Bois ripe and ready

Gariguette the chefs favorite

Green heritage tomatoes destined for chef Neil Haydock's fried green tomato dish

Ripe and just picked raspberries will be in the restaurant kitchens within hours

Early season rhubarb, an underated and versitile fruit

Robert looking thoughtful

Luke's strawberries, a photo by Megan Stroud

April strawberries, first of the season for The Scarlet kitchen in North Cornwall

Some rare and wonderful tomatoes grown from seed sourced by Robert & Gill on their travels

Juicy or what?

A late summer mixture of colours, shaapes and tastes.

Early season Lady Crystl new potatoes

Beautiful Earl Edgcumbe yellow tomato, a tasty and rare variety with a wonderful story

Yum Yum mid summer fruit ready for the kitchens

Imagine the taste of sweet, juicy ripeness

A new season Catronia potato, grown by John and the top of our list for great roast & chips

Arty tomato photo?


Buttervilla Growers produce a range of exceptional produce: heritage tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, rhubarb, blueberries, herbs and vegetables, hand grown in using organic and natural methods, with much love and care.

Everything is grown on a small scale using traditional methods, the fruit is picked fully ripe & ready and delivered in hours for that special freshness that sets us apart.

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Buttervilla Growers are a small group of growers based in and around the Tamar Valley. The valley had been famous for growing fruit, cherries and cider apples in large quantities. It is recorded that visitors to the area on river steamers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries had the impression of travelling through one vast fruit garden. In its heyday the Valley employed more than 10,000 people on small family market gardens, sadly most small growers have gone due to competition from larger growers in other areas. Buttervilla Growers are returning to the tradition of small market gardens by using those age old traditional methods, which now are sought after by the best chefs for the flavour, quality and freshness of the produce they offer

Buttervilla Growers was started by Robert & Gill Hocking in 2006, their first customer was Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall restaurant who have supported us throughout the years and are still our largest customer.

Today 3 small family business form the core of the business

Robert & Gill Hocking look after the development and test growing of new varieties of tomatoes and manage the ordering and deliveries

John and Ron Luke with their families grow some of the finest soft fruit you will ever taste. Luke's Farm have been growing strawberries for sixty years. Mr Luke senior was a soft fruit consultant and a pioneer of pick your own. They have always grown a large selection of varieties with flavour being their top priority and we continue to grow traditionally in the soil using traditional methods.

Harry Hocking with his partner Tamara and their young family are the nest generation of the Hocking's and manage most of the growing on the farm. Harry has inherited the green fingers of his parents and has developed a love for the land and sustainable farming. In his hands Buttervilla Growers will continue to develop and flourish.

Ben Perry originally from nearby Plymouth trained as a graphic designer but always wanted to live a funky rural life. With his wife Sal and his twin sons he now grows the most delicious blueberries for Buttervilla. We hope he continues to expand his range of produce because he has taste, quality and sustainability as a hallmark of his crops.

Buttervilla Award

Buttervilla has been awarded the second prize of € 2000 by Italian organisation La Secondaluna for its work. Robert says "Its a real honour to be recognised by Italians who grow some of the finest tasting produce in Europe and continue to support the small artisan growers who produce it"

" The jury evaluated the passion of Robert Hocking and his family for seeds and cultivation as meeting the criteria of the competition. From the passion for seeds and traditional cultivation techniques, Buttervilla Farm was born. It is a skilled farming production, today admired by some of the best restaurants in England. The prize goes to a family who believed in the use of ancient cultivation techniques, in biodiversity, in the value of the flavour of food and who today proposes a model of sustainable agriculture."

Rose Prince
The Telegraph Lead Food writer
Good Food Producers GuideRose Prince good food guide
"Buttervilla Farm is run by Robert Hocking an inspirational grower who has got together with two other farms, Keveral and Skye Grove to grow a range of extraordinary and diverse plants including heritage tomatoes. The quality of the vegetables and the variety is awesome – it makes you want to cook.


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Rose Prince writes in the Telegraph about Buttervilla's gariguette strawberries

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From the Western Morning News - Jamie's Fifteen apprentices visit Buttervilla

Watergate Bay Hotel choose Cornish

Malwina a new discovery, Nathan Outlaw said they were too tasty and he could'nt balance the dish!!

Fifteen Cornwall
Lunch of heritage tomatoes with Italian burrata cheese and edible flowers prepared by the Fifteen apprentices on a sourcing visit

Buttervilla heritage tomato chilli sauce
The makings of Robert's heritage tomato & chill sauce, a new product with a real punch of heat & flavour